I truly felt this was a perfect talking point for a new year’s post! December flew by and between daily tasks of life, work, workouts, our kid’s sports and holiday preparations the blog had to take a backseat! But, what a perfect time to talk accountability.

As we head into a new year full of hope for better than 2020 (in so many ways) usually we hear about or personally set new fitness goals for health and wellness. It is now more important than ever to find your accountability partner. Maybe it is your spouse, your very best friend or maybe it is the dog! In any event, find one and work to hold each other accountable for reaching your goals.

I realize that we are all coming off of a turbulent time and honestly, I love the community and family feel our virtual members provide each and every time they log in for a workout. If you have never taken part in a virtual group class you may have skepticism or wonder how it is effective. Not only do we offer a fabulous workout, but I am truly blessed to see the positive faces of our participants each time we meet to improve together. When a new member joins our group they are welcomed with supportive, friendly faces and engagement even from afar. It is truly amazing!

So in the season of accountability, make yourself a promise. Schedule that time for YOU. Make it a priority to take care of yourself and your health in 2021. Grab a friend or family member as mentioned above and commit together!  Knowing you have a shoulder to lean on and someone in the trenches with you is always helpful … not sure who that accountability partner is?  Find a group (I clearly am partial to Southside 45 as the best group out there) but it is awesome to know that someone or a group of people are waiting for your presence in class as you share in the same gains and sometimes pains!

Even the smallest step forward is a step in the right direction. EVERY activity counts on building foundation. Many of us have a family pet who would love the extra quality time, exercise and mental engagement a daily walk offers. Even adding a 20 minute short walk daily increases your steps and improves your health! So pencil that into your daily planner and even if you have an accountability person….why not add Fido to the mix too??

As we think of new ways to improve personally this year and add to the list of resolutions, make accountability in whatever your goals are priority! You won’t be sorry for dedicating time in your day and calendar to your health and overall happiness. Here is to a fabulous 2021! We all deserve it!

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