No Weights? No Worries!

It has been an exciting month in our virtual classes introducing new clients to our engaging workout style! Each time a person registers there are a few suggestions of items to have on hand that will allow the ability to modify the intensity of the workouts as we move through each station. So, what does this mean?

Simply, our main workout is a Tabata or bootcamp style that allows a participant to utilize their own bodyweight effectively for total body benefit. There are times that a few simple items will add a heightened effect or allow you to isolate or focus on an area more intensely.  While many people have a set of standard weights they use, thanks to the pandemic and the amount of people looking for home based workout items, weights were a rare commodity. But do you need to go invest in them? Depending on your goal that answer will differ. For the purpose of toning and using them during our workouts, standard weights are great, but everyday household items work just as well. 

Below is a short list of items that you could have around your house that will add just enough weight to give a participant an additional benefit (if needed):

  • Bottles/Gallon Jugs/ Two-Liters:

    Any laundry detergent bottle, milk gallon, or two liter bottle can be used. You can use them with the usual contents or fill them after they are used. Bottles with handles work best, but even two liters can be used for curling and various presses.

  • Paint Cans:

Half empty or full, depending on what you need. Just make sure they are secure and closed!

  • Any standard backpack

 Fill them with any item to add weight and they can be used. In this respect any bag that has handles works in this same way.

  • 12 pack of soda, lemonade etc.

The closed pack can be used for curling with both hands or rowing.

The final item I have been asked repeatedly is: Do I need a lot of weight? The answer is simply NO! The way the workout is designed your bodyweight is usually enough and with any added weight you have additional intensity. During the class, thanks to the LIVE virtual instruction, I will offer ways to decrease that intensity and increase it as needed. Sometimes you will want a challenge and other times, if you had a long week you may not need as much. The beauty of it is you are only competing with yourself and the clock.

Guests in the past have asked or mentioned they may be nervous to attend a first class, but once they do they feel right at home. Our guests are always happy to say hi and interact, but when the workout starts they are down to business focusing on the workout stations and their own form and positioning. The class goes fast! After a brief run through of the stations we warm up and get to work and the time does fly!

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I truly enjoying helping each person feel better and see results in class. After just a month, I can see it on our participants in their definition and fitness level during our cardio portions. They are working hard, right in the comfort of their homes! It’s exciting to offer this LIVE instruction that changes each day and allows everyone to fit some much needed “me” time into their busy lives.

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