Quarantine to dream

Prior to COVID-19, I knew I wanted to open this business, help those in my community and do something I love. The dream of Southside 45 was something I envisioned for a long time. There is great value in Tabata/ High Intensity Boot camp workouts and I owe some of my best marathons to this type of cross training. Prior to quarantine, we were going to the gym and really hitting our workouts hard. Then March arrived with the pandemic, we were forced to leave our comfortable routine we knew and begin something different.  During this time, our business plan shifted, I found myself really enjoying our home workouts, changing up what we did and seeing great results.

During this period, we started coaching an area high school team online and they too communicated their gratitude for the positive physical and endurance differences. That solidified my plan. How many of us have busy schedules that create barriers to our physical fitness? With work and family commitments, the time it takes to drive to the gym, workout, and get back home… Our routine can slowly dissipate as our lives get busier. That is why logging on wherever you are, without travel is key. You can have the accountability and social aspect of the gym, the fitness family AND the physical benefits from our online model.

Best part? You can take our LIVE classes wherever you go. Traveling for work or pleasure but like the routine of your workouts?  We will still be here, LIVE! It is as simple as logging in. We can’t wait to see you in our classes and I can promise you won’t regret spending the 45 minutes with us, for what a latte would cost! The days of listening to the same tired jokes via on-demand recorded workouts are over. While my jokes may not be as awesome as the workout itself, the one-liners will always be live and new 😄 Just ask anyone who I have coached!

Let’s “FALL” into a new fitness plan as we begin autumn. Continue to look through our website, sign up for one class or take advantage of our bundles that NEVER EXPIRE. Got questions or need more information? Please reach out, I would love to help! Welcome to SOUTHSIDE 45!

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